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Your Captain is Brad Bugica, a full time fishing guide, licensed by the
 US Coast Guard.

-- Delta striped bass trolling trips
 (Feb-May & Aug-Dec)

-- Klamath River King Salmon

-- Delta Sturgeon

-- Sacramento River King Salmon
(Nov - Dec)
   If opened by DFG...click here for update
-- Steelhead Fishing on the Russian and Navarro Rivers
 (January - March)

Fish from our 25' Alumaweld that fishes up to six safely and comfortably.

All top of the line fishing gear
... all you need to bring is the proper fishing license, your lunch, proper clothing for the weather and an ice chest for your day's catch

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and trip recommendations.

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Early Spring Cutthrout!!!!

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Take a look at this 21.5lb cutthrout trout,

caught on Pyramid Lake!


Salmon Sturgeon Stripers!

A nice chrome Sacramento River Salamon!

The Sacramento is still producing in December!

A nice late season Salmon!

A rough but productive day on the Delta!

A nice chrome Sacramento Salmon!!

Robbie with his first sturgeon!

A nice Delta Striper!

Ralph's 54" prize!

Mike and Mike with limits!

John with a 30 inch Bass!

Carrubba brothers admire keeper!

One Happy Fisherman!

A nice Fall Sturgeon!

Another Delta Striper in hand!

It was a nice day on the water!

Look at this nice Keeper!

Two for Two!

One Nice Striper!

Teddy B with his limit!

Teddy B with a nice salmon!

Teddy B with a 10lb Delta Striper

One Nice Sturgeon!

Danny's First Keeper!

Nice Catch!

Jon with a nice King!

Nice King!

A nice sunrise biter

Ron and Christy and a nice Fall King!

Nice Salmon!

A nice Sunset Salmon!

David with a Sac King!

Danny with his first Sturgeon, just shy of legal!

Lee with a nice Sacramento River King!



Klamath Pictures



What a beauty!

Nice way to start Tahoe's sprint lake trout opener!


A nice warm day on Lake Tahoe!


High tide bite, it took a lot of muscle to get this one!


Nick with a nice 17lb female that was released!


Mike with a good Spring bass!


Lonnie with an 18lb male!


Another nice catch!


One nice striper for these young fisherman!


Clifford Ray and another one of his days catch!


Rick Berry and another nice striper!


Cliffor Ray, Former Golder State Warriors, and his nice striper!


Rick Berry, NBA Hall of Famer, with a nice Striper!


One of today's keeper!


Another of today's keepers!


Tasos fish of the day!


Today's Keepers!


Luis and Luis! Which is which?


A nice 10 lb striper to start the day!


Bruce, aka old G, with his own limit!


Beth with one of many that she caught!


Another nice striper for Steve


Walter's fish of the day!


Steve with a nice keeper!


Dilion and BJ with the highlight of the day!


Corey and his Dad Al.

BTW Corey is off to the Airforce after todays trip, Good Luck Corey!


Twi light biter!


Yes Yes!


One Nice Beauty!


Kimo's Keeper!


Michael and Christine and Striper make three!


Jennifer with a hard fighting Striper!


Mark was on fire!


Another one of Mark's many Stripers!


Dan with one of his many Stripers!


Dan's nice keeper!


Jennifer with one nice Spring Striper!


Korbel Vinyards Group Fishing Trip


Korbel Vinyards Group Fishing Trip


Korbel Vinyards Group Fishing Trip


Korbel Vinyards Group Fishing Trip


Korbel Vinyards Group Fishing Trip


G Mans 8 pounder!


Maurice with a nice keeper


Matt with a nice keeper


Kyle shows off one of his nice keepers


One happy fisherman!


Nice Group Shot


Even Giant's Fans like to fish!


How many did he get!?!


Here is another one of Rob' Stripers


Rob with a nice keeper


Lots of Action and Lots of Doubles!


So whose is bigger?


Thanks mom, but I caught it!


One big smile for one nice striper!


AJ with a nice Striper Bass, he also caught an early arriving salmon that we had to release!


Here is Gabe with another nice Striper!


Here is one of the many Stripers that Gabe and his buddy AJ caught. They caught over 25 today!


Oh Yes !


The fun just keeps on happening !


Don't forget me!


One fun day!


The bite is heating up!


Everyone is catching them!


Very Nice!


One nice catch for the day!


Capt. Brad, shows off a nice catch and release Striper!


Here is Dave with a nice spring keeper.


Bill and a nice striper keeper!


Here is Larry and Greg with a nice double.


Here is Jennifer with a nice 47" sturgeon!

Way to go Jennifer!

And yes the bite is red hot right now!


Here is Ron and my deckhand with an 8lb striper

Looking for special fishing trip?

You have to go with Captain Brad for a night time Sturgeon Trip!

Here is Roy with a nice Delta stiper!


Kent scored with this 10lb stiper!


The Sturgeon Bite Is On! Check out the Current Reports!


\The Sturgeon bite just keeps on going! Here is a nice 58" caught by a C,hris and C,ody C,ombo! Way to go guys!.

Yes you can believe your eyes! Three beauties caught today by Limo, Tony and David. What a Sunday today turned out to be!


A nice sturgeon caught by Scott, and by 9 am today. What a great Monday morning catch!

So Tony was Thankful for this beauty that he caught on Friday!

Here is Dave holding one of seven keepers caught today.








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